7s World Cup Volunteer Opportunity

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 Volunteer Program

“Be a part of Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018, the first Rugby World Cup taking place on American soil! Beyond the competition at AT&T Park, our volunteering efforts will stretch across various locations such as hotels, training facilities, and transportation hubs with roles such as Bay Area Ambassadors, Rugby Geniuses and support for Media, Production & Operations teams”.

If you happen to be out of the loop, World Cup Rugby 7s will be held at AT&T Park in San Francisco beginning Friday, July 20, 2018 through Sunday, July 22, 2018. Volunteers are needed from Monday, July 16, 2018 through Wednesday, July 25, 2018.

This is an amazing opportunity to participate without playing! For those of you who need internships,  your volunteering can be considered as such. Volunteers submit an application and provide information about where they would like to placed, which means there’s potential to have a somewhat tailored experience. Applications should be submitted soon so that interviews and training can happen in the spring (it’s only January and not officially spring yet).

Please see this Volunteer One-Sheet which will provide you with more information as well as where to submit your application. This opportunity is not limited to college students or ruggers only, so if this is something you would be interested in, submit your application now (https://www.rwcsevens.com/volunteer).



Life Is a Pitch, Pt. 2

To say that Saturday was a cold and damp day would be an understatement. Players, coaches, and spectators alike were soaked to the bone after the matches held at Seattle University and Willamette University. Despite the rain, teams stated they had a great time!

Willamette University hosted Lewis & Clark and Western Oregon, where they played a round robin style of 10s.

Seattle University played three 40 minute mini matches, first against Eastern Washington University and third against the University of Puget Sound. UPS and EWU played the second mini match.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, Whitman College was not able to travel to Seattle U.

This Saturday Whitman, University of Puget Sound, and Willamette will be traveling to Lewis & Clark. The match will likely see a combined Lewis & Clark/Whitman team versus a combined UPS/Willamette team. Unfortunately, neither Western Oregon University nor Seattle University will be traveling to EWU as planned. It seems the torrential rains  combined with the stress of midterm has taken its toll, causing many a cold amongst the players.

Players of the match:

Emma Eikermann and Claire West from Lewis & Clark

Kari Millstein from Willamette

Miranda Eisen, Ashley Rot, and Summer Herout from University of Puget Sound

Jenna Abbassi, Emily Ludwig, Miranda and Mikhail from Seattle University

Jess and Alyssa (ROOKIES!!!) and  Lorie Ledoux from Eastern Washington University

Western Oregon University’s #8 was given player of the match by Willamette, however without a roster, we do not know who wore #8.

Finally, keep posting pictures to Instagram and tagging #ccwomensrugby. Follow us on Instagram @ccwomensrugby and follow us on Facebook.

The pictures featured at the beginning of this post are from this last weekend and photo credit goes to: @ups_rugby, @ianmartin3596, @emmaeik17, @sapphire.dragon, and @marimoore98.



Rugby! Rugby! Rugby!

This weekend we have Western Women’s University hosting Southern Oregon University and Seattle University hosting Western Oregon University. Remember play smart, play respectfully, and have fun!!

#ccwrc #SeattleUwomensrugby #WWUwomensrugby #WOUwomensrugby #SOUwomensrugby

For a full schedule this spring check out our website at https://cascadecollegiaterugby.org/schedule/

Fall is here and the pitches are filling up!

Get your boots on! 


The weather has started to turn, classes are kicking off, and rugby pitches are ready for another year of CCWRC Rugby!


In August CCWRC held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the beautiful Central Washington State University Campus. A big thank you to our Wildcat Ruggers!  While the AGM was sorely under attended there was great conversation from the teams who did come. Thank you to WOU,CWU, and U of I for representing your teams.


Stop. Before you read any further please check your team email and read your CCWRC By Laws. This is your chance to make changes, suggestions, and feedback. CCWRC is yours not ours and we need your input!


At the AGM some big things were discussed and important team concerns were brought to the attention of CCWRC. The biggest discussion point—Division I and Division II.
As many of you know by now USA Rugby has a goal of Collegiate Divisional Alignment which is causing a lot of Pac 12 University to move from their Div II standing to Div I. This means that the University of Washington and Washington State University have both moved out of CCWRC and joined the Pacific –Mountain: Pac North Conference along with Oregon and Oregon State.  
This means CCWRC is currently comprised of:
Central Washington State University
Western Oregon University
University of Idaho
Portland State University
Seattle University


CCWRC is currently also reaching out Reed to rejoin CCWRC this year.  We are also still open to other Div II teams to join—we are looking at you Willamette,  EWU, Whitman, and Whitworth!  


The teams at the AGM also requested that we put together a CCWRC only tournament that would allow new teams to possibly knock out some league games and cut down on travel expenses. We would also be open to letting those teams who are potential CCWRC members join us. Look for more info on this later!
Now that we have our teams confirmed your CCWRC Secretary is crunching college schedules and coming up with our CCWRC schedule. Please keep a look out for that in your team email and on our website.  If you haven’t contacted Patty about your schedule needs please do so now!  secretary.ccwrc@gmail.com
In the meantime here are some really awesome tournaments to keep in mind.
October  12, 2013: The Oregon State University Beaverfest in Corvallis, OR. This is a great tournament with an emphasis on developing new players.


October 19, 2013: The Oregon Sports Union (ORSU) Women host Babbfest. This is another great tournament to get more competitive play while celebrating the Family side of Rugby. The tournament is held in memory of Lindsay Babb and seeks to raise funds for  a local nonprofit supporting victims of domestic abuse.


As I look back at the last months here with CCWRC I am excited by the growth and competition I have seen in such a young organization. There have been bumps along the way. The schedule has been changed more than once, getting our first bank account wasn’t easy, the website is still a work in progress, and the piles of paperwork seemed endless. Nonetheless CCWRC is here; a rugby conference created by collegiate women ruggers with an executive board of women ruggers. Women ruggers.

Not that long ago women’s rugby was something that made eyebrows rise and mouths drop. Ok so maybe it still does sometimes but now women’s rugby is on the international stage. It is leading the pack in new collegiate sports and driving the way for men’s rugby here in the U.S. The amazing truth is women’s rugby is growing and growing fast. It is growing because of all of you ruggers out there on frozen pitches, wiping the sweat out of your eyes and saying “Again!” It is growing because of all of you brave women who saw a flyer on campus and decided to try something completely new. It is growing because of all of you women who are sitting up late at night working on budgets, schedules, and little/big events.

It is your hard work that is paving the way for the generations of women to come. You are saying that you are not content to be a girl playing a man’s game. You are putting in the work to say I am a rugger. That is all the matters. We don’t ask for different rules or a smaller ball. We just ask for you to get out of our way. Our way.

Women ruggers are doing this our way; making our own conference, devising our own goals and our own voice. You are saying to the world that women can play contact sports and excel. Whether you realize it or not you are part of a movement and for that we thank you all. We thank the teams that are building to become a true part of CCWRC. We thank the teams that will one day grow to leave us for DI. We at CCWRC thank you for your tenacity in 2012 and are excited to see what tries you score in rugby and in life for 2013.