Spring Schedule Release

SnowIt is officially almost the end of 2017 and boy has it been a year! Hopefully everyone is pulling through their holiday hangovers of too much fun, food, and excitement. We are excited to announce the release of the 2018 Spring Schedule. We don’t anticipate any changes, but as we’ve all learned, especially this fall season, we are a fluid ever-changing conference and ultimately change is inevitable. That being said, do not hesitate to contact Q with questions or concerns related to the schedule or anything else.

We hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Stay safe and we’ll see you back on the pitch in 2018.

EWU SU UPS Whitman Willamette L&C WOU
Feb 17th at Willamette at Whitman at L&C SU EWU UPS BYE
Feb 24th UPS WOU at EWU BYE at L&C Willamette at SU
Mar 3rd BYE at UPS SU WOU BYE Vegas 7s at Whitman
Mar 10th L&C BYE Spring Break Spring Break WOU at EWU at Willamette
Mar 17th at WOU at L&C Spring Break Spring Break BYE SU EWU
Mar 24th Spring Break Spring Break BYE Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break
Mar 31st Spring Break Spring Break Whitman at UPS Spring Break Spring Break Spring Break
Apr 7th DII Sweet 16s? Prom Dress NSCRO Plyoffs?
Trny @ L&C?
Apr 14th Prom Dress
Trny @ L&C?
Apr 21st
Apr 28th Alumni Wknd



Life Is a Pitch, Pts. 3 & 4

As the title suggests, life is a pitch. You get busy with school, work, and life and things just fall by the way side. However, life is about to get that much easier as this Saturday will be the last two matches of the fall season! Whitman College, a new CCWRC team, will host Seattle University and Lewis & Clark College for a few matches of 10s or possibly 15s. The University of Puget Sound will host their first home match of the season with Western Oregon University, Willamette University, and Eastern Washington University traveling to Tacoma.

It looks like it’ll be a chilly one for everyone this weekend. However, not quite as cold as last Saturday’s match at Seattle U, where the high was somewhere around the low 30s. Last Saturday saw Whitman players combine with Seattle U, Lewis & Clark, as well as UPS to play three 25 minute mini matches of 15s. Willamette combined with WOU to play 15s against Eastern Washington at WOU.

We’re a little sad to see the end of the fall season on the horizon, but are looking forward to some exciting schedule changes for the spring. Teams should be on the lookout for an email regarding the spring schedule prior to its release. We’re so excited with this fall’s schedule and look forward to the spring!

Players of the match for matches on 10/28 and 11/4:

Rachael Obermiller (Rookie!)  and Emma from L&C

Ashley and Mairan from UPS

Clara from Whitman

Mikhail and Nicky from SU

Mari and Simone from Willamette

Malina and Karla from WOU

Lorie Ledoux from EWU

As always, congratulations to all the players of the match and remember, it’s more than how many tackles you make or tries you score. It’s about having heart and soul on the pitch.

Life Is a Pitch, Pt. 2

To say that Saturday was a cold and damp day would be an understatement. Players, coaches, and spectators alike were soaked to the bone after the matches held at Seattle University and Willamette University. Despite the rain, teams stated they had a great time!

Willamette University hosted Lewis & Clark and Western Oregon, where they played a round robin style of 10s.

Seattle University played three 40 minute mini matches, first against Eastern Washington University and third against the University of Puget Sound. UPS and EWU played the second mini match.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, Whitman College was not able to travel to Seattle U.

This Saturday Whitman, University of Puget Sound, and Willamette will be traveling to Lewis & Clark. The match will likely see a combined Lewis & Clark/Whitman team versus a combined UPS/Willamette team. Unfortunately, neither Western Oregon University nor Seattle University will be traveling to EWU as planned. It seems the torrential rains  combined with the stress of midterm has taken its toll, causing many a cold amongst the players.

Players of the match:

Emma Eikermann and Claire West from Lewis & Clark

Kari Millstein from Willamette

Miranda Eisen, Ashley Rot, and Summer Herout from University of Puget Sound

Jenna Abbassi, Emily Ludwig, Miranda and Mikhail from Seattle University

Jess and Alyssa (ROOKIES!!!) and  Lorie Ledoux from Eastern Washington University

Western Oregon University’s #8 was given player of the match by Willamette, however without a roster, we do not know who wore #8.

Finally, keep posting pictures to Instagram and tagging #ccwomensrugby. Follow us on Instagram @ccwomensrugby and follow us on Facebook.

The pictures featured at the beginning of this post are from this last weekend and photo credit goes to: @ups_rugby, @ianmartin3596, @emmaeik17, @sapphire.dragon, and @marimoore98.



Fall Match #2

This Saturday all seven of our CCWRC teams will be playing. This Saturday the Seattle U Redhawks will host Whitman College, University of Puget Sound, and Eastern Washington University. Kick off time is at 2:15 at Seattle U (901 12th Ave, Seattle 98122). Just as with last weekend’s match against EWU, it was expected SU, Whitman, and UPS would combine to play 15s against EWU. However, with a lot of recruiting both EWU and UPS will each field a full side. Perhaps Saturday’s match will be several short round robin matches of an SU/Whitman team vs UPS and then EWU.

Willamette University, who joined the conference this year, will also host their first home match of the season at Sparks Field on the Willamette U campus (950 Mill St SE, Salem 97301) with a 3:30 pm kick off. They’ll be playing round robin style 7s matches against Lewis & Clark and Western Oregon University. This should be a great series of matches as all three teams can field a full 15s side, but are choosing to play 7s. Forwards may be feeling indifferent about their upcoming match, but they shouldn’t because forwards can play some excellent 7s rugby (http://www.tightfivesevens.com/).

If you’re in the Seattle or Salem area head on out to watch some rugby.

Send some updated team photos and pictures of your matches to president.ccwrc@gmail.com


Rugby! Rugby! Rugby!

This weekend we have Western Women’s University hosting Southern Oregon University and Seattle University hosting Western Oregon University. Remember play smart, play respectfully, and have fun!!

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For a full schedule this spring check out our website at https://cascadecollegiaterugby.org/schedule/