Life Is a Pitch, Pt. 1


Playing rugby means you will always learn. You will learn a new playing style, a new tackling style, you will learn to be a good sport, a gracious winner, and a diplomatic loser. You will learn the art of balance. Balancing school, work, practice, a social life, and all life throws at you.

This past Saturday Western Oregon University, Seattle University, Willamette University, and Whitman College all experienced something new. This was their first time playing as combined teams to play two consecutive 15s matches against Eastern Washington University, a team that has been practicing together for a while.

One of the biggest challenges when combining teams together is melding different playing styles and the teams took on the challenge with grace. Eastern Washington won both of their matches, but both the WOU/SU and the Willamette/Whitman teams put numbers on the board. All of the teams should be proud of how they played regardless of the score of the match.

All of this weekend’s teams had a lot of rookies, who we hope have fallen in love with the game. Eric Populus was a sport and was the referee for both matches. Ian Martin, EWU’s head coach commented, “Kudos to the referee, Eric Populus, for explaining things during the games for the benefit of the new players”. Thank you Eric for taking the time to explain the hows and whys of rugby. Every now and again even the most experienced players need a refresher.

Players of the Match

Willamette named the following players:

Colleen Ford and Addie Oaks- EWU

Hassia, Ayana, and Laura-Whitman

Olivia and KayLyn-Willamette

Seattle University named the following players:

Julia Pascua-SU

Addie Oaks- EWU


Western Oregon University named the following players:

Malina Foley-WOU


Addie Oaks-EWU

Congrats to all of the players! There are many reasons why players are nominated as player of the match. It’s not always big hits and great runs. Sportsmanship and heart play a part as well.

We’re waiting to hear from Whitman College and Eastern Washington University as to who they nominated as player(s) of the match.

This Saturday WOU and Lewis & Clark College will be traveling to Willamette. Seattle University, University of Puget Sound, and Whitman will play a combined 15s match against Eastern Washington at Seattle University.

Photo: Western Oregon University





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