Women’s Division II National Championship

The Spring Season for CCWRC kicks off this weekend. We hope you are all ready for some amazing rugby. As you are out there practicing in the cold and the wet; we thought we would share some motivating news with you!

USA Rugby has announced the dates for the National Championship (Locations are coming in the next 3 weeks)


Click on me for more info from USA Rugby

Selection Announcements: April 7
“Play-In” Round of 32 (If deemed appropriate by USA Rugby): April 12-13
Round of 16: April 25-27
Semi-Finals/Finals: May 9-11

A few things explained

Who goes and who stays?

The CCWRC Conference Champion team will have an automatic bid into play off rounds.

How will we decide the Champion?

USA Rugby requires (with some provisos of understanding) that all teams play 5 games to qualify for post-season. As we get scores from the last season and this seaon, CCWRC will discuss with all teams what the conference championship will look like, where it will be, and how many teams will be involved. Check your emails as the season progresses.

What if you are 2nd in the conference?

This is where the (Possible) Round of 32 comes in. If you do not get an automatic qualify bid (i.e. first place) you can submit an At Large Selection. Depending on what USA rugby feels this may qualify you for post-season play.

What does this mean for you right now?

Keep playing hard and schedule friendlies with teams that will challenge you.

Start fundraising for travel!

Send your unnoficial scores to vicepresident.ccwrc@gmail.com. While these won’t be final scores it may be a quicker way to keep our page updated.

Still have questions or are just super confused?

Email your President! president.ccwrc@gmail.com

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