Calling all Rugger Artists

CCWRC is in desperate need of a logo.

no logo

As CCWRC is a conference made up of talented individuals we want you submit your name and idea to develop your CCWRC logo.

The parameters for the logo were laid out at our first AGM and are: a focus on tress, mountain and water, utilizing an ice blue as the main standout color, incorporating the PNW green and black. Other than that this is fair game.

This could go on your resume and in your portfolio, Plus you will have the pride and privilege of seeing your logo on our webpage, social media sites, t-shirts, tattoos—okay maybe not tattoos, but it will be everywhere we can put it!

Please submit your name to to enter.

The hope is to have multiple logo designs which can be voted on by CCWRC team members–it wouldn’t be rugby without a little competition!

Bring us your talent on the pitch and off!

How Do You Recruit?

Recruitment is a vital part to rugby. Teams live or die based on their recruitment results. How do you think you get the most girls? How were you recruited? Take a second and fill out the poll below. Your time will help your fellow CCWRC teams find best practices. Stronger CCWRC teams means more advanced players and of course a better pool for USA Rubgy.

Plus it is just a lot of fun to have more women on your team!


Building the Future–Why Recruit?

As USA Rugby strives to become a powerhouse on the international Rugby pitch, there are a lot of changes that are happening.  While this can seem overwhelming to coaches, players and conferences, there is a reason for this–USA Rugby must fill the pipeline. You are the pipeline.

It is Collegiate Ruggers like you, your teammates, and that girl you see pumping iron at the gym that USA Rugby realizes will be the next champions. This is why every collegiate player is the luckiest girl in the world. She has potential and very little red tape to stop her.  As you look at the USA Rugby Eagles the reality is that most of those players started playing in the same way you did. In college, with little to no idea what the hell rugby was. They most likely came for the free pizza and stayed for the friendships and then stayed for the game.


Recruitment is the most important part of rugby and honestly the magic of it. Any experience, any size, any walk of life rugby will welcome you with open arms. There is no other sport quite like that.

So get out there and recruit. Wear your jersey. Carry a rugby ball. Talk loudly to your friends about rugby in class. Ask your professor if you can have 30 seconds at the end of class to talk about rugby. Have recruitment tables/meetings with free pizza. Most importantly go up to that girl pumping iron in the gym and talk to her about rugby.

Give rugby to another woman. Give her an intense and special family. Give her a unique and special game to learn. Give her a special way of life. Give her the chance to live out every athlete’s fantasy-playing for their country.  That girl at the gym could be the next Eagle. You could be the next Eagle.

Give Rugby.

The Schedule

 The Official CCWRC Schedule Is Up

This may change based on a myriad of college rugby reasons, but it is up. Go take a look at it under Schedules and Scores.

We will also hopefully be adding in a CCWRC tournament this fall so stay tuned.  As always this schedule will be sent to PNRRS and they will assign referees to matches.

It is your responsibility to double check that you have a referee assigned and to contact that referee about pitch location, kick off times, and payment.

If you have any scheduling issues please contact Patty Smith, as soon as possible.

Let the Games Begin!

The WWU Flames Rugger Revelry

The WWU Flames Rugger Revelry

Good Luck Ruggers!

Gratitude and Good Bye

Balance. This is a word all athletes know and struggle with. Ruggers more so than most.  Rugby takes a special kind of passion and it often ends up encompassing so much of our lives. Rugby lives, breathes, and most importantly grows because of this passion. Passion and hard work. Hard work which is often handled by volunteers.

CCWRC is ran by volunteers and has been built by one of those passionate, hardworking, ruggers–Samantha Allen. Sami has made CCWRC. While creating CCWRC, she was also coaching the U.W. Women’s Rugby team, as well as continuing competitive play with the Seattle Breakers. As CCWRC has grown so has Sami’s life. She has gotten engaged (Go Sami!), continued to grow in her career, and of course continued to coach and play.  Sami has realized in order to achieve her balance she must step down as the CCWRC President.

It is with a heavy heart, great gratitude, and well wishes that we see Sami step down as President of CCCWRC.

Samantha Allen; Founding President, Cascade Collegiate Women's Rugby Conference 2012-2013

Samantha Allen; Founding President, Cascade Collegiate Women’s Rugby Conference 2012-2013

Sami will not  officially step down until October to give CCWRC time to prepare for this transition. In October, Sami will transition out of her role and the current Vice President (me) Lace Lawrence will step into the position of President. Jessica Green, an experienced rugger with committee experience, will then come on as the Vice President. With Jessica’s expertise and the perspective of our new (as of this Summer) Secretary, Patti Smith CCWRC will continue a legacy of strong leaders.  We are confident that CCWRC will continue to grow and thrive with continued hard work and rugby passion.

CCWRC would like to take a moment to introduce you to your Executive Committee for the upcoming fall. Stay tuned for bios on our website!

Your 2013-2014 CCWRC Executive Committee

Lace Lawrence; President, Cascade Collegiate Women's Rugby Conference

Lace Lawrence; President, Cascade Collegiate Women’s Rugby Conference

Jessica Green; Vice President, Cascade Collegiate Women's Rugby Conference

Jessica Green; Vice President, Cascade Collegiate Women’s Rugby Conference

Patty Smith; Secretary; Cascade Collegiate Women's Rugby Conference

Patty Smith; Secretary; Cascade Collegiate Women’s Rugby Conference

Amanda "Q" Quiles

Amanda “Q” Quiles; Treasurer, Cascade Collegiate Women’s Rugby Conference

Fall is here and the pitches are filling up!

Get your boots on! 


The weather has started to turn, classes are kicking off, and rugby pitches are ready for another year of CCWRC Rugby!


In August CCWRC held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the beautiful Central Washington State University Campus. A big thank you to our Wildcat Ruggers!  While the AGM was sorely under attended there was great conversation from the teams who did come. Thank you to WOU,CWU, and U of I for representing your teams.


Stop. Before you read any further please check your team email and read your CCWRC By Laws. This is your chance to make changes, suggestions, and feedback. CCWRC is yours not ours and we need your input!


At the AGM some big things were discussed and important team concerns were brought to the attention of CCWRC. The biggest discussion point—Division I and Division II.
As many of you know by now USA Rugby has a goal of Collegiate Divisional Alignment which is causing a lot of Pac 12 University to move from their Div II standing to Div I. This means that the University of Washington and Washington State University have both moved out of CCWRC and joined the Pacific –Mountain: Pac North Conference along with Oregon and Oregon State.  
This means CCWRC is currently comprised of:
Central Washington State University
Western Oregon University
University of Idaho
Portland State University
Seattle University


CCWRC is currently also reaching out Reed to rejoin CCWRC this year.  We are also still open to other Div II teams to join—we are looking at you Willamette,  EWU, Whitman, and Whitworth!  


The teams at the AGM also requested that we put together a CCWRC only tournament that would allow new teams to possibly knock out some league games and cut down on travel expenses. We would also be open to letting those teams who are potential CCWRC members join us. Look for more info on this later!
Now that we have our teams confirmed your CCWRC Secretary is crunching college schedules and coming up with our CCWRC schedule. Please keep a look out for that in your team email and on our website.  If you haven’t contacted Patty about your schedule needs please do so now!
In the meantime here are some really awesome tournaments to keep in mind.
October  12, 2013: The Oregon State University Beaverfest in Corvallis, OR. This is a great tournament with an emphasis on developing new players.


October 19, 2013: The Oregon Sports Union (ORSU) Women host Babbfest. This is another great tournament to get more competitive play while celebrating the Family side of Rugby. The tournament is held in memory of Lindsay Babb and seeks to raise funds for  a local nonprofit supporting victims of domestic abuse.