As I look back at the last months here with CCWRC I am excited by the growth and competition I have seen in such a young organization. There have been bumps along the way. The schedule has been changed more than once, getting our first bank account wasn’t easy, the website is still a work in progress, and the piles of paperwork seemed endless. Nonetheless CCWRC is here; a rugby conference created by collegiate women ruggers with an executive board of women ruggers. Women ruggers.

Not that long ago women’s rugby was something that made eyebrows rise and mouths drop. Ok so maybe it still does sometimes but now women’s rugby is on the international stage. It is leading the pack in new collegiate sports and driving the way for men’s rugby here in the U.S. The amazing truth is women’s rugby is growing and growing fast. It is growing because of all of you ruggers out there on frozen pitches, wiping the sweat out of your eyes and saying “Again!” It is growing because of all of you brave women who saw a flyer on campus and decided to try something completely new. It is growing because of all of you women who are sitting up late at night working on budgets, schedules, and little/big events.

It is your hard work that is paving the way for the generations of women to come. You are saying that you are not content to be a girl playing a man’s game. You are putting in the work to say I am a rugger. That is all the matters. We don’t ask for different rules or a smaller ball. We just ask for you to get out of our way. Our way.

Women ruggers are doing this our way; making our own conference, devising our own goals and our own voice. You are saying to the world that women can play contact sports and excel. Whether you realize it or not you are part of a movement and for that we thank you all. We thank the teams that are building to become a true part of CCWRC. We thank the teams that will one day grow to leave us for DI. We at CCWRC thank you for your tenacity in 2012 and are excited to see what tries you score in rugby and in life for 2013.

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