CCWRC has a website

Hello CCWRC ruggers and rugger huggers!

We here at CCWRC finally have our webpage up and running. It has taken a lot of volunteer hours and will continue to be a labor of love as the days go on. This page is linked to both our Twitter and Facebook account which have already been active with rugby news and happenings.

On the website, we have information and links for all your reffing needs and the schedule as well. We will update the schedule here as any changes arise. We will also post all official scores as we get them so swing by on Sundays. If you mosey on over to our Schedule and Scores page you will see that there is already a lot of competition in CCWRC and the spring half of the season is looking to be even better.

Stay tuned for information on a conference playoffs as well as USA Rugby Playoffs. If you have any ideas for information you would like to see here on the CCWRC webpage give me a holler at

Good luck with recruiting for the Spring season!



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